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About ICOE

Plug into the NEW Healthcare Value-Chain

So providers can treat more precisely and efficiently. Patients are engaged whenever, and wherever. And healthcare systems transform into value-driven organizations.

Healthcare Value-Chain

Through API Led Connectivity

Integrators. Architects. Strategists.

ICOE creates strategically-focused integrations that are effective, optimizing and transformative

We offer prescriptive Enterprise Integration solutions to some of the world’s leading organizations

  • Nike
  • Pfizer
  • Ericsson
  • Sutter
  • MoH BC
  • CHI
  • UCLA
  • Northern Trust

Clinical Pathways for Chronic Diseases

Treating chronic conditions is a round-the-clock endeavor
Patient engagement and adherence are key
Providing education, guidance, feedback & reminders
That are customized, personalized, and relevant makes all the difference
Learning from patient populations is vital to advancing healthcare

  • FHIR
  • MuleSoft
  • Epic
  • APIs
  • OAuth2
  • iOS

Shared Decision Making

Not everything is black & white
Create tools to frame the conversation
Optimal shared decision making is one that aligns with the patient’s values and preferences

  • FHIR
  • MuleSoft
  • Epic
  • APIs
  • OAuth2
  • iOS

Personalized Medication Instructions

Low health literacy, accessibility challenges, and language barriers
Lead to poor medication adherence and unnecessary re-admissions
Delivering personalized medication instructions that are simple, clear, and concise in the patient’s native language
Optimize treatment outcomes, and reduce patient readmission roles

  • MuleSoft
  • Spring
  • Meducation

- Current Projects -

Domain Expertise


  • HIE / HIX
  • HL7, v3, DICOM
  • CCD / CCDA / IHE
  • X12 5010
  • Epic / Orion Health

Financial Services

  • FIX
  • fPML
  • AML
  • Basel II
  • Calypso


  • X12
  • RossettaNet
  • SAP IDocs, BAPI
  • ERP & CRM
  • SaaS APIs

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We Are Different

ICOE is a boutique consulting firm focusing on API Led Connectivity.

Our unique value-add is based on super-charged synergies.

We dare to challenge the status-quo and re-imagine what’s possible around cost of ownership, speed-to-market, and quality.

Our mission is to change how people and organizations view enterprise systems integration - as first class software product. This means building integration the way software companies build quality product; feature & test driven development, automated testing, continuous delivery.

Industry Domains

We master complex domain-specific interoperability standards

  • HL7, v3
  • RosettaNet, X12

Proprietary & Legacy

We understand your proprietary, legacy and niche technology

  • JCAPS, eGate, Monk, SeeBeyond
  • Epic, Orion Rhapsody
  • Websphere ESB, Tibco.

Modern & Cutting Edge

We adopt and advocate holistic platforms for your scale, speed and control objectives

  • API Management
  • Mulesoft ESB, OpenESB
  • Spring, Scala, akka
  • OAuth2, OpenID Connect, UMA